A New Year is approaching

December 29th, 2018 this year has been a crazy year, I got my website made, started to get it established, this is is my first blog post. So many things are brand new, strange, confusing, and daunting for me still as I start out on this journey. This blog post is to welcome all who are here, and who will keep checking back on this blog and my journey, to become the best craftsman I can be while offering the best prices on products that I make. I will be making update blog posts every month detailing new products I am working on, the process of the things I do, and pictures to go along with all the posts. It’s my thought that I should be completely transparent with my customers what goes on in the creation of the products you buy.

So with that in mind here in the blog will be where you will see work in progress shots of both items that are in my store currently, and items that will be arriving in my store. The comment section will always be on, so you can ask questions, give critiques, offer ideas, and I will respond to you guys. I think shaping my product to the wishes of my customers is one of the highest ways to make products that people want. The main product will stay the same but, there will be options based on feedback from you, that you can add to the base product.

My next blog post will be at the first of the year, to outline my road map for 2019. I will also be providing pictures of upcoming products that will be arriving in the store shortly. Thank you for your time and enjoy your stay here at Boundless Leatherworks.